The 90 Day Turnaround



Chances are, your team is part of the 85% of those that are

disengaged and underproducing.

That's why you can't retain more customers, hit profit targets, improve response times, or address whatever is holding you back

Think about it...

Are YOUR team members fully engaging or have some checked out emotionally and stopped caring?

Do you see them giving 110% to delight every customer or do they just try to get through the day?

Do they bend over backwards to do exceptional work or do they cut corners to keep up with the workload?

Are they committed to each others' success or do they bicker and compete against each other?

Do they enthusiastically collaborate or do they work in silos?

Are they passionate about being efficient or are they resigned to current problems?


...failed handoffs, missed deadlines, defective products, missed deliveries, and negative customer reviews—all costly.

How Much Profit Can Your Business Afford To Leave On The Table?


Why Haven't You Been Able to Fix This?

Let's face it, management seminars, books, webinars, business classes are full of management theory—they don't really tell you how to do it.

And, a lot of information is old-school advice and no longer relevant. Some is just bad advice and plain wrong.

Like how often have you been told to just hold people more accountable to get more from your team? You ended up micromanaging them and getting minimal compliance, at best. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK.

You need CORRECT information from proven experts with decades of successful team turnarounds and zero failures.

You need a clear and accurate path and expert guidance to shepherd you through the process so you aren't left to flounder on your own.

You need a zero-risk solution.

The 90 Day Turnaround™ and a few hours a week give you these and...

-A team productivity boost

-Big picture thinking and responding

-Collaboration and cooperation

-Team commitment to business success

-Actual measurable business improvements

Here's how Ascent Management Consulting's expertise will transform you and your workgroup into a highly engaged and highly productive team in just 90 days...GUARANTEED!


Video training, worksheets,  assignments, resource material...
Monthly 1:1, 2xs/mo. group coaching, expert access...
Kevin Herring, creator of The 90 Day Turnaround™

Like you, I wanted to be a great leader and create highly engaged teams that accomplished remarkable things.

I've spent my entire career studying, learning, and applying what I've learned to help people succeed as leaders and bring out the best from team members.

I know first-hand the tremendous impact this work has on business results like profits, quality, cycle times, and customer delight. And I've been frustrated at the bad advice given to managers trying to build high performing teams.

As a full time consultant, I never had a failure when turning around a team or business unit, and I always worked to transfer my expertise to clients before I left. But I have always wondered in the back of my mind if I could take my decades of learning and use it to fully equip any manager to turn any workgroup into a highly engaged, high performing team.

Well, this is it!

I can tell you from decades of transforming teams that ANY team can become more productive and effective than it is. And I am thrilled to report that the leadership principles and practices to accomplish this are now available to you!

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Our No-Risk Guarantees

30-day Money Back

In 30 days you must be 100% satisfied with your progress or we will give you your money back.

Guaranteed Results

In 90 days your team will make measurable performance improvements, guaranteed. If you are fully engaged in the program and not getting our promised results, we will work with you at our cost for another 90 days to get you there.